Haircuts For Little Men is a tutorial. It is in Ebook form, meaning it is an electronic download delivered straight to your computer. In this Ebook, I tell you how to do a haircut at home, step by step. There are lots of photographs of the process, and you can always contact me with questions.

Will this Ebook teach you how to do the “latest styles?” Nope. This Ebook is designed and written with your personal head of hair in mind. (Actually, your child’s or even husband’s own head of hair.) Every head of hair was created differently. You are unique! You will learn how to do a basic haircut. You learn how to deal with those wonderful cowlicks and curls. You learn how to choose the length and how to blend in all the layers. And do you want to know what the greatest thing about it is? It is an encouraging Ebook! You Can Do This!

Blessings and Happy Haircutting,

From the Author of “Haircuts For Little Men”