If you have been a customer of “Haircuts For Little Men,” then you may have had a strange download notice in your inbox tonight! Please don’t be alarmed, however, between Payloadz and me, we goofed up!

Here is the download you were supposed to get:

Thank you for being a valued customer of Haircuts For Little Men! I have a favor to ask of you and you will find all the pertinent informaion right here in this small download. Plus, there is information here on how you can bless someone in need. I hope you will take just a moment to read this. Thank you again, and Happy Haircutting!

Nancy Baetz

IMPORTANT: The DownLinks below will expire in 48 hours. You will need to request additional downloads after that time period. Please keep this email for your reference. Product: Haircut Photo Letter DownLink: http://payloadz.com/d1?txn_id=PL22E3BC50361B40E